Nasturtium MM


*Please note only food and produce are permitted to be  sold at the Alisal, Natividad Medical Center, and Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare Certified Farmers’ Markets.

Step 1: Review 2020 EH Rules & Regulations.

Step 2: Complete and submit a 2020 Vendor Application, Hold Harmless Agreement, 2020 EH Rules & Regulations Sign-Off, and all necessary permits by mail to PO Box 1423, Marina, CA 93933Emailed or incomplete applications may not receive a response.

Step 3: Your Vendor Application will be reviewed within two weeks and Everyone’s Harvest staff will contact you regarding your status as a potential vendor.

Step 4: Upon approval, contact Everyone’s Harvest to confirm your reservation and market details.

Step 5: You must participate in at least four market days at the same market location in the course of one year.

Step 6: After your initial participation, Everyone’s Harvest will review your status – you may be approved as a vendor or disapproved according to the application process described in the Rules & Regulations.

Step 7: If you are approved after your initial participation, you will be required to pay an Approved Vendor Fee per market you attend (see Vendor Application for fees and details).