Sol Seeker Farm


Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove

Products: Organic pastured poultry
Meat: Chicken, duck, Cornish hens (seasonal), turkey (seasonal)
Eggs: Chicken, duck

Farmland: Their birds are currently on Hain Ranch Organics Certified Organic Walnut Orchard in Tres Pinos. The birds provide fertilizer and pest management for the walnut orchard. In turn, the trees provide shade for the birds.

Mission: Sol Seeker Farm’s mission is to bring customers the highest quality organic pastured poultry by humanely raising birds beyond organic standards. Sol Seeker Farm is a family-run, small organic pastured poultry operation located in San Benito County.

What does “beyond organic” mean?: The practices used by Sol Seeker Farm to raise their birds is beyond what is required of the USDA National Organic Program.
1-Their birds are raised and kept outdoors 24/7: Once out of the brooder, Sol Seeker’s birds are outside under the sol in fresh air on certified organic pasture 24/7. The USDA NOP only states that livestock be given year-round access to the outdoors, but doesn’t define what this means. Therefore, a window in a confined factory setting could meet thie requirement for organic meat and eggs, but it is important to Sol Seeker Farm’s operation that the birds can roam their property completely freely.
2-Their birds are pasture raised: The birds are raised on the irrigated pasture of Hain Ranch Organics certified organic walnut orchard. The USDA NOP does not state that organic livestock be grass-fed. It only states that organic feed must be used.

Certifications: Certified Organic by CCOF, Animal Welfare Approved (pending), CDFA Certified Egg Handler, Certified Producer by Monterey County Ag Comissioner

Farm History and People: Sol Seeker Farm is a family run small organic farm located in San Benito County. The farm operation was founded in June of 2014 by Edgar Mendoza and Kaley Grimland, a husband and wife team. Edgar manages all on-farm production and taking products to the markets. Kaley is in charge of finding markets, regulatory compliance, and bookkeeping. The Sol Seeker Farm name is a play on works in Spanish and English. “Sol” in Spanish translates to sun, and is pronounced like “soul” in English. It is quite appropriate for their farm because the two believe they are soul mates, and that everything has a soul and should be treated with
Edgar grew up in Paraguay, schooled in organic agriculture and livestock production. Kaley has worked with small farmers in rural development for the past 7 years. When they met, it was love at first sight. Their twins, Cruz and Antonella, were born in 2014 and have been essentially raised on the farm along with the livestock guard dogs, Samson and Shiko.


Weed and Pest Management: Their pest managers are their very own birds, who thrive on feeding on weed and insect pests!

Personal Note–What Motivates You To Do This Work?: Kaley and Edgar enjoy conversations with appreciative customers and hearing the positive feedback on the quality of their products. That, to them, is the best reward. Kaley says, “Being a farming family can be incredibly hard! It consumes your time, you don’t have summer vacation, and rarely do you have the time to balance work, farm, house, and family needs, and money is tight! That being said, we do enjoy the fact that our kids can grow up on a farm setting outdoors, and that Edgar is able to work for himself, rather than for someone else.”
Can you believe that he has the kids on the farm with him every day doing double duty with twins and farm production!?


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