Serendipity Farms

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Monday market in Pacific Grove

Produce: Monthly Availability List Coming Soon!

Farmland: Serendipity Farms has 15 acres of organic farmland in Carmel Valley and 5 acres of organic farmland at their personal family home in Aromas.

People: Jamie Collins owns Serendipity Farms and makes it a family affair by including her husband Avtonom Ordjonikidze and baby Ivan Kale. They are all friendly faces you may see around the markets! Jamie is joined by her employee, Dave, at the Pacific Grove market.

Certification: Serendipity Farms is Certified Organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and is also certified as a Monterey County certified producer by the county’s Agriculture Commissioner.

Farm History: Jamie received her bachelors’ degree in fruit science from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. From there, she began working on farms in Moss Landing, but transitioned to Carmel Valley in search of a warmer climate.  Serendipity Farms has been a running farm since 2001!

Pest Management: Pests are managed by keeping the soil healthy and rotating crops often. In 14 years of production, they have never sprayed!

Weed Control: Weeding is done by tractors as well as manually.

Motivation: Serendipity Farms is motivated by producing healthy food with wonderful flavors to share with communities!