Santa Rosa Farm

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove and Wednesdays at Natividad Medical Center

Produce: See Santa Rosa Farm Seasonal Produce Chart

Farmland: Four acres in Freedom, CA

People: Jose Rangel is the owner. He has four other employees.  Lourdes is often at the Marina Market, and Antonio is usually at the Pacific Grove Market.

Cerification: Certified Producer in Santa Cruz County

Farm History: Antonio brought an idea to start his own business to Jose Rangel, the co-owner and his business partner. Although they had no experience with starting a business, Antonio felt like they could do it. At the time, he working at a Farmer’s Market in Monterey and was there for a year to observe how other businesses were structured. Soon, the two went into a partnership together!

Pest Management: They spray fertilizer only when needed. An interesting pest management tactic they use is hanging a sticky spider from the ceiling along a row of plants.

Weed Control: Weeds are controlled by hand.

Personal Note: During their first year of business, they planted everything at once which resulted in everything growing at the same time. They learned from this to plant by sections in order to keep with up everything and not waste plants.

What motivates you to do this work? Antonio is motivated by the fact that his idea has turned out to be profitable. He also enjoys working in a small business.  Antonio worked with flowers for many years before he began his own company, and felt that the experience he had would benefit him in the future.  By owning his own company, Antonio gets to spend much more time with his family than he ever did before, which is important to him.