R&K Honey


Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove

Products: Honey, honey candles, other honey products

People: Rich Evans and Kate Stayner

Certifications: Certified Producers’ Certificate & Organic Registration (certification still in progress)

Mission: R&K Honey’s mission is to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards by giving them the knowledge, passion, and the tools needed to help the honey be flourish so that it can do the job nature intended. They promote a holistic and natural approach to farming, gardening, and beekeeping. They consider beekeeping, honey production, and pollination to be renewable and sustainable resources of agribusiness. They also consider the honey bee to be a keystone with an interdependent relationship in the food supply chain. They strive to bring only the highest quality products direct from the beekeeper to their markets! They support local business and communities and buy locally whenever possible.

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Farm History: R&K Honey’s honey consists of local varieties such as Wildflower, Blackberry, Star Thistle, Madrone and Star Thistle. They get the pure varietals by pulling the frames at the end of select flower blooms. R&K Honey Bees is a local apiary operating about two hundred bee hives from Santa Cruz to Southern Oregon, pollinating almond, prune, and orange groves as well as providing quality bee packages, queens, and swarm removal.

Richard Evans, the beekeeper of R&K Honey, explains more about the farm’s history here: “I’ve been around bees ever since I was a little kid. My grandparents had bees and came from Crane, Missouri to Redding, California in 1936. I started with the bees as a senior in high school in 1984. My first two bee hives were a 4H project. It grew to twenty hives over twenty years. Ten years ago, we had to decided whether to stay small or to grow because the operating costs exceeded revenues. We were left with the dilemma to grow or downsize. We chose to grow and go commercial, always remembering our roots. Over the last five years, we’ve grown to two hundred hives with two extracting lines and added honey comb and candle-making to our line!”


Pest Management: 
Practices: Choosing genetically resistant breeding stock, cross breeding, weeding out weak and non-hygenic hives.

Website: honeyandcandlesbyrk.com

To Contact: Kate Stanyer, 408-540-8869