Moua’s Produce

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina

Produce: See Moua’s Produce Seasonal Produce Chart

Farmland: 3 acres in Fresno, CA

People: Moua Vang and Chou Vang are the owners. Their two sons and four daughters help on the farm and at the markets.

Certification: Certified Producer in Fresno County

Farm History: Moua worked on his brother’s farm for eight years before starting his own farm in 2007.  When they moved here from Laos, they realized that they didn’t see many Asian vegetables at farmers’ markets or in grocery stores.  He saw this as a business opportunity and began to farm them himself to create a niche in the market.

Pest Management: If a pest problem arises, they will lose their crop to the pests. They do not use any form of pest management.

Weed Control: Moua’s Produce practices hand weeding because their crop area is small enough to be able to manage it on their own.

Personal Note: Moua is Hmong, a hill tribe in Laos. He used to work in an elementary school as a bilingual assistant, helping kids whose first languages were Hmong and Thai. Moua’s Produce only brings seasonal crops to the market because it allows them to bring only the best tasting vegetables.  During the winter, they try to bring a little bit of everything that’s in season, and find that their customers greatly appreciate the variety.  Even so, summer typically tends to be their most profitable time of the year because the weather is so nice and everyone likes to come to the markets!

What motivates you to do this work? Moua enjoys teaching customers about the unusual vegetables they grow and sell—don’t be afraid to ask questions!