Ken’s Top Notch

unnamed Sundays in Marina

Farmland:120 acres of organic farmland

People:  Owned by Ken Lee, they operate as a small farm. Most of the work is completed by family and a few of employees.

Certification:  Kens Top Notch Produce is Certified Organic by the Organic Certifiers and is also certified as a Fresno County Certified Producer by the county’s   Agricultural commissioner.

Farm History:  They started out as a smaller farm but as people began to enjoy their produce more and more, they expanded. One of the obstacles Ken’s Top Notch faces is luck–or lack of luck–with weather. Farming has been in their family for many generations. Decades ago vegetable farming was most common, but as Ken’s Top Notch explored more opportunities an orchard was started. Ever since, their farm has been expanding.

Pest management:  Their farm is certified organic and they use methods that must pass their certification each year. This includes organic sprays.

Weed Control:  They do not use any sprays for weeds on their farm. Top Notch constantly has to disc the fields and they use propane burners to help get ride of the weeds if necessary.

Personal Note:   Ken’s Top Notch Produce takes pride in everything that they bring to the market. They want customers to enjoy the quality of the produce without having to compromise the price. The fruits are picked fresh and certified organic.

What motivates you to do this work? They love bringing tree ripe fruits to the farmers markets. Their customers love that they are organically and locally grown, and that their produce tastes the finest.