Bay Breeze Greenhouse

Bay Breeze

Market Days: Wednesdays at Natividad Medical Center, Sundays at Marina Market and Fridays at Salinas Valley Memorial.

Products: With a keen eye for the most diverse of Cymbidium Orchids, you can expect a continuously new variety. “We have crossed our most successful Orchids,” says Bryant Kuramura, the owner’s son, “Our customers will see orchids they won’t find anywhere else.”
Cymbidium Orchids being their most popular, Pepper Plants, Ivies, Orchid bark and Exotic Plants, as well as Dischidia plants tucked in freshwater snail shells from Thailand which make great presents.

Note: Expect new and rare collection of Cymbidium Orchids this winter season.

City Business production is Conducted: Salinas, CA

People: Bryant Kuramura runs the business with his parents, Tats Kuramura and Yoriko Kuramura. This local family, avid Giant and 9ner fans, started in the wholesale flora business in San Mateo. Bryant has grown up in Salinas and has learned much about economics and a strong work-ethic. “My parent’s work hard and long hours,”he said while adjusting the array of deep purple and vibrant green plants,” and they always finish their job, they never leave anything undone.” The Kuramaura family know that a key to a successful and long-lasting business is their customer’s satisfaction. “We listen to what the customers want,” said Bryant as he tended to the regulars who knew him by name.

Business History: Bay Breeze Greenhouse started back in 1985, inspired by Tats and Yoriko’s love of plants. It all began in San Mateo selling carnations. They began selling wholesale at the greenhouse and eventually they grew bigger. The greenhouse is located in Salinas, and they have five and a half acres of beautiful plants. The Kuramura specialize in unique orchids and try to keep the variety fresh and original. Their products rely on customer feedback which has kept their business growing. They take much pride in having high quality plants.

Sourcing: Products come from all around the world. The countries they are acquired from are Korea, Thailand, Japan, South America, and parts of Europe. Each has its own distinct style and brings uniqueness to the industry. They also crossbred their own plants after doing research on the strongest and most triumphant combinations.

What motivates you to do this work? The Kuramura family loves plants and flowers. Tats has been growing flowers since the age of 15 years old.