Catalán Family Farm


Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Tuesdays in Salinas

Produce: See Catalán Family Farm Seasonal Produce Chart

Farmland: The family owns 14 acres in Hollister, CA

People: María, Julio, Alex, Juan and Ana Catalán, plus two part-time employees

Certification: Certified Producer since 2005 and certified Organic in San Benito County.

Farm History: In 2001, Maria Catalán started her family farm operation in Hollister, CA with help  of the Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association (ALBA). María grew up in the state of Guerrero, Mexico where her grandfather grew melons and other food to feed the family. María wanted to pass this knowledge and delicious food on to her four children. She believes that children, whether or not they intend to be farmers, should learn how to grow their own food in a way that respects the air and the Earth. Catalán Family Farm promotes this philosophy by partnering with Northern California high schools and universities to bring students to the farm to work, eat home-cooked Mexican food, work at farmers’ markets, and get a sense of farming life in a Latino community.

Pest Management: The Cataláns manage pests such as cucumber beetles, earworms, and aphids by planting pest-resistant crops, providing habitats for beneficial insects, and rotating crops.

Soil: To maintain the fertility of their clay soil in Hollister, Catalan farm adds compost and plants cover crops.

Weed Control: Weeds are usually controlled manually using a hoe. Machinery is used occasionally.

Personal Note: Catalán Family Farm is family-owned. They work hard as a family to grow organic crops to keep themselves and their community healthy.

What motivates you to do this work? Organic farming is in María’s culture; her family in Mexico have been growing produce this way for years. María takes pride in the fact that she is serving wholesome, natural food to her family and her community.