Food – Kuki’s Gourmet Food Truck (Kuki’s, LLC)

Business:   Kuki’s Gourmet Food Truck (Kuki’s, LLC) Market Days:  Monday at the Pacific Grove Farmer’s Market Products:  We specialize in … [learn more]


Food – Mix of Flavors

Jose Mondragon was making tacos for parties and special occasions when he set his mind on a new goal: become a food vendor at farmers’ markets. In just one short year, he became a vendor at Everyone’s Harvest’s Pacific Grove, Marina, and Natividad locations.

Jose supports his fellow vendors by buying most all of his vegetables at their stands and likes to promote the importance of eating organically.

You’ll be able to tell how much Jose loves to cook when you stop by Mix of Flavors. [learn more]


Food – Mr.Falafel

Majed started Mr. Falafel in Salinas in 2001. He makes everything himself except for the bread; quite a feat considering all the flavors of hummus he presents! Mr. Falafel has been featured in the Monterey Herald and other local newspapers; his visibility in the community keeps business booming. [learn more]