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If you are a nonprofit, religious, community or political organization and would like to participate at one of our markets, please visit the Community Groups page to learn more.

*Please note only food, not products, are allowed to be sold at the Alisal, Natividad Medical Center (NMC), or Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare (SVMH) Certified Farmers’ Markets.


Step 1: Read and understand Everyone’s Harvest’s Final EH Rules & Regulations.

Step 2: Complete and submit a 2017 Vendor Application (include permits, if stated; see the second page of the Vendor Application for details), Hold harmless Agreement(s), and EH Rules & Regulations Sign Off 2017 to the mailing address at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Your Vendor Application will be reviewed within two weeks and Everyone’s Harvest staff will contact you regarding your status as a potential vendor.

Step 4: If approved to participate, contact Everyone’s Harvest to confirm your reservation and market(s) details.

Step 5: You must participate in at least four market days, all at the same market location and all in the course of one year.

Step 6: After your initial participation, Everyone’s Harvest will review your status – you may be approved as an Approved Vendor or disapproved accordingly.

Step 7: If approved to continue participating in the market(s), each vendor will be required to pay an Approved Vendor fee per market (see Vendor Application for details).

Vendor Forms (PDF)

All Vendor Applications must be mailed to:

Everyone’s Harvest
P.O. Box 1423
Marina, CA 93933

This is currently the ONLY way Everyone’s Harvest is accepting vendor applications.

                                                      Vendor Fee Structure

 1 Market Paid Weekly                                                4 Markets Paid Monthly*

5×5-foot space = $25.00                                               5×5-foot space= $95.00

10X10-foot space = $40.00                                          10×10-foot space=$145.00

20×10-foot space = $60.00                                          20×10-foot space=$220.00

30×10-foot space = $78.00                                          30×10-foot space=$250.00

*No credit given for missed Market day.  Please do not send payment with your application.Please see Pg. 7 of the Rules and Regulations Document for Winter Rates, 5 Markets Paid Monthly Rates, and Salinas CFM Rates

Please contact us with any additional questions at:

Everyone’s Harvest
P.O. Box 1423
Marina, CA 93933

Phone: (831) 384-6961


As of 2015, We no longer accept applications via Fax, all applications require an original signature.