Products – Tupperware & Avon

Business: Tupperware & Avon

Market Days: Sundays in Marina

Products: Avon makeup and Tupperware storage

City Business Production is Conducted: Soledad, CA

People: Veronica Vidales runs her own business, from obtaining products to selling them at the market. She has occasional help from her sister because when they join forces they are “combining beauty and health together”.

Business History: Veronica has been selling at the farmer’s markets since 2005. In a partnership with Everyone’s Harvest, Veronica began selling at the Salinas market on Alisal. Her tables have grown and adapted a lot since her start because of the addition of new markets, new products, and new families to their support base. Veronica and her sister have grown stronger each year as well. Also, in winter months knitted scarves, hats, and mittens can be found at Veronica’s table.

Sourcing: They order Avon and the Tupperware online directly from the distributors, and are consultants for Avon and Tupperware companies.

Personal Note: Veronica has only one message to share and that is to “come as your beauty and health is: enjoy a sunny Sunday at the Market”.

What motivates you to do this work? Veronica started with a desire to expand her business and influence other people, but it has become a personal passion. She loves the “family oriented” atmosphere of the markets and the ever-changing faces, people and customers keep her interested each day. The people she meets are “the butter to her bread” and a large motivation in the upkeep of her Avon/Tupperware sales.