Service – Tabetha Griffith

TabethaMarket days: Mondays at PG Market and Wednesdays at Natividad Medical Center

Products:  Specializes in therapeutic massage and wellness products. Offers:  Hot & cold packs, Salt Scrubs, Bath Salts, Body Sprays, Aroma therapy lotion, Lip Gloss, Gift Jars, lowerback support pillows. 

City Business production is Conducted: Salinas, CA

People: Tabetha runs her own business

Business History: Tabetha started her business one year ago, and she has been performing massages since 2000.

Sourcing: Tabetha makes everything herself and gets organic beeswax and honey for her skin products from Mackabees Apriary located in Aromas.

 What motivates you to do this work?  Tabetha wants to give people help that are unable to receive treatment. Make affordable massage accessible and provide for her family.

Learn more at: or visit her on FaceBook for wellness tips, notifications, locations, and discounts at