Service: Blade Tech-Professional Knife Sharpening

2013-11-18_15-15-05_123Market days:  Mondays in Pacific Grove and Sundays at Marina Farmers’ Market 

Products: Sean is a professional knife sharpener and he sells  American, German, and Japanese knives.  He is an authorized retailer, and by operating as a small business  with low overhead, he is  able to pass on the savings to his customers and keep costs low.

City Business production is Conducted: Carmel, CA

People: Sean Joseph is the owner of the business

Business History: Sean first learned to sharpen knives in 1976 when he was 14 years old, at Garbini’s restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA. After a while he was sharpening knives for chefs in his spare time. He used a large three sided sharpening stone that a lot of professional chefs used back then. Once he finished high school he left the restaurant and he spent 30 plus years in the home construction industry, during which time Sean continued sharpening for a few chefs, friends and family. Slowly over the years his hobby grew into a business. Sean still has the sharpening stones he learned on, which he does not use much these days. He has more advanced equipment and uses a slow speed Japanese wet stone in a water cooled bath to sharpen most edges. No heat is generated in the sharpening and very little metal is removed in the process.  “All my work is guaranteed to be scary sharp.” Come to the farmers market and “remember to bring your Knives!”

 What motivates you to do this work?  Sean loves being able to provide a service to chefs, restaurants, home cooks and everyone in between. In his experience as a knife sharpener he has realized the great demand for his service. “It’s good to meet and get to know my local community while providing them with the sharpest knives they’ve ever had.” 

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