Product – K’s Gift and Fashion

20131117_121539Market days: Sundays at Marina Market

Products: Fashionable Jewelry, Clothes, Sport Shirts, Jerseys, Hats, Ladies Hand Bags, and Blankets.

City Business Production is Conducted: Castroville, CA

People: Gopal and Kamal run the business.

Business History: Gopal started the business in 1997 in Castroville, California. Since 2010 they have been attending the Marina Farmes’ Market.

 Sourcing: Gopal buys his products from different stores in Los Angeles, CA. 

What motivates you to do this work?  They love meeting new people and making friends. In addition Gopal loves to sell his products and stay healthy in the process.

Personal Note: K’s Gift and Fashion wants to give customers merchandise at a reasonable price, affordable, and negotiable.