Food – Mr.Falafel

Buisness: Mr.Falafel

Market Days: Sundays in Marina and Mondays in Pacific Grove.

Products: Falafel, hummus, and Baklava

City Business Production is Conducted: Pacific Grove, CA

People: Majed Agha is the owner. Majed is in charge of running the tent while Hussein is in charge of taking orders and cooking food.

Business History: Majad started Mr. Falafel in Salinas in 2001. He makes everything himself except for the bread; quite a feat considering all the flavors of hummus he presents! Mr. Falafel has been featured in the Monterey Herald and other local newspapers; his visibility in the community keeps business booming. Mr. Falafel has been with Everyone’s Harvest since 2009.

Sourcing: Majed is involved with the markets as his career, and is working to make a financial living for himself. His favorite is the Monterey market because of the large numbers of customers, he said the line is never ending in Monterey, and much less chaotic in Marina due to the more personal nature of the market.

Personal Note: Majed is amazingly charming and outgoing. His falafel stand always has customers. Thankfully, his multitasking skills show how much experience he has, as he answered these interview questions while at the same time helping the constant flow of customers.

What motivates you to do this work? The falafel is Majed’s favorite food, and he makes the best around! He works so hard because he makes good money in the markets. He advises people to “cook with your gut” for best dishes. His visibility in the community keeps business booming. If Majed would stop cooking up delicious food, he would be a store manager instead, a profession without the excitement of markets.

To contact Mr. Falafel with questions: (831) 747-1930