Food – Momotaro-San

Business: Momotaro-San

Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove and Fridays in Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare.

Products: Japanese food, sushi rolls and soup specials

City Business Production is Conducted: Salinas, CA

People: Marcos and Leticia Alvarez are a superstar team. Marcos brings years of restaurant experience to the business. He cannot pick a favorite dish because he says, “they are all my favorites!” Although cooking is his favorite thing to do, Marcos is a Jack-of-all-trades and he has had many different jobs to prove it. He loves futbol (soccer) and adores his dogs. Leticia likes supporting her husband. Working with Marcos brings her satisfaction because they get to spend more time together. Her favorite dish is the Salmon and Vegetable stir fry, but she says everything is good! Marcos’s brother made the fantastic logo.

Business History: In July 2012, Marcos and Leticia began selling at close to seven markets a week before opening their restaurant in Salinas in November of 2012. Their more expansive restaurant menu includes a delicious, grilled teriyaki burger as well as the magic Marcos serves at the farmers’ market. Everything is grilled in soybean oil and of course, the buns are toasted!

Sourcing: All of the vegetables are purchased from farmers’ markets and fruit stands in Salinas. The meat is purchased wholesale.

Personal Note: “Running a booth and restaurant is hard work, but it makes us happy that we are able to work for ourselves and that we bring something new to the market.”

What motivates you to do this work? For Marcos, he loves to cook! In the past, he has worked for others’ his entire life; Momotaro-San provides him independence. Since this is a mom and pop shop, the whole business brings the family closer together. Also, the farmers’ market has become an extended network of family members and as a result, the community is made stronger. Leticia and Marcos will not turn anyone away. If you’re hungry and know what good food tastes like, come on by and try Momotaro-San!

To Contact: 831-794-6748