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Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove, Wednesdays at Natividad Medical Center, and Fridays at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare. 

Products: Burritos, Quesadillas, Tacos, and Tamales.

City Business Production is Conducted: Salinas, CA

People: Jose Mondragon only has one employee Tere, and she is in charge of pre-cooking the food and making
handmade tortillas for the tacos.

Business History: In 2010, Jose was making tacos for parties and special occasions. His main goal was to one day sell at farmers’ markets, and he reached that goal in 2011 when he became a food vendor with Everyone’s Harvest. All the vegetables in the tacos (except lettuce) are bought from local stands at the farmers’ market. His goal now is to teach people how to cook in a healthy way and the importance of eating organic food. Jose does not use oil for cooking his meat; instead, he cooks it in its own natural fat to enhance the flavor of the meat. The only menu item for which he uses oil (and we’re glad he does!) are his deep fried quesadillas.

Sourcing: Salinas Meat Inc. in Salinas, CA. The vegetables are from local market vendors.

Personal Note: His most requested specialty is his Flower Quesadilla. Unfortunately, the flowers are seasonal, so this quesadilla in not sold all-year long. When you see it, get it!

What motivates you to do this work? Jose loves to cook and satisfy people’s appetites. He knows that his customers like his food because they keep coming back for more. This is how he knows that he is working hard and doing his job right.

To Contact: 831-334-3553