Food – Jo’s Bread

Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove, Wednesdays at Natividad Medical Center, and Fridays at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare.  

City Business Production is Conducted: Gustine, CA

People: Josephine Napoli (Jo for short) is a hardworking business woman. Her dedication and outgoing personality contributes to her success. A customer will not leave her stand without laughing. Jo will not only sell you delicious bread, but she will be cracking jokes while doing it. The smiles on her customer’s faces is all part of the job to Jo, and just as important. She is devout to her family, and she considers her three grandchildren Giuseppe, Marcus, and Ceci eye-candy for market-goers. You may find them helping her sell bread or setting up the display. Jo is proud to be local, and she has lived in the Monterey area all her life, where she raised her kids and took care of her grandchildren.

Products: Freshly baked breads by hand! Try her renowned ciabatta bread, raisin bread, french loaves, sourdough, wheat, white and rye loaves! Be sure to keep an eye out for pizza shells this winter!

Business History: Jo started attending the Marina Farmers’ Market in 2002. Before starting her own business, she worked as a bank teller, was a full-time Mom, teacher’s aide, and worked in a bakery. While at the bakery, Jo suffered a heart attack. Being the strong and amazing woman that she is, Jo did not let the heart attack keep her down. After being retired for some time, she grew bored and ended up contacting the bakery to make and sell bread. She has lived in the Monterey area all her life near the Central Valley, where she raised her kids and took care of her grandchildren.

Sourcing: Palermo Bakery in Seaside, CA where it is baked fresh daily.

Personal Note:  “The kind of experience you have at a market, you can’t have at a grocery store,” Jo explains. She gives examples of the relationships she has with customers. She will ask about family members or health issues, long needed vacations because she knows them. The farmer’s market is about serving the community to Jo. It is a personable experience instead of a simple exchange. Jo likes to make money while having some fun at the same time. If you ever need any recipes she is the woman to call.

What motivates you to do this work? She is a proud business owner. Even if it is not a money maker, she loves being around people. Plus, it keeps her active. Most of all she likes to make her customers laugh while she is selling them fresh bread at the same time.

To Contact: 209-675-1991