Food – India Gourmet

Business: India Gourmet

Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove

Products: India Gourmet provides the local farmers’ markets with a variety of curries, chutney, naan, samosas, and traditional Indian drinks served with a smile! The naan is freshly baked on the spot in a tandoor oven – come for the show and for the food! The gourmet stand is well known for their variety of vegetarian dishes, potato and vegetable samosas, wraps and simmering lamb curry with spicy curry sauce.

City Business Production is Conducted: Watsonville, CA

People: India Gourmet is a small family business managed by both part-time and full-time family employees. Owned by Raj Dilhon, you can often find him out at the market spreading his contagious joy. You will also see Soledad Cruz preparing food and baking naan. She has been with India Gourmet since 2002 and loves it! The naan is her favorite specialty. Another familiar face at the stand is long-time family friend Joe. Joe enjoys the atmosphere of the Pacific Grove Farmers’ Market because of its proximity to the beach and the friendly locals.

Business History: India Gourmet has a small kitchen in Watsonville. They treasure their business and take pleasure in working personally with the farmers to create tasty Indian recipes. The cuisine stand can be seen at local farmers’ markets, the county fair, festivals, and through their catering services for special events. They also have a successful restaurant since the 90’s located in Monterey.

Sourcing: Products such as organic vegetables, herbs and spices are mostly purchased from local farmers markets; other products such as creams and yogurts are purchased from neighboring grocery stores like Costco Wholesale.

Personal Note: India Gourmet attracts a wide variety of customers in the county. Their top selling dish is the chicken tikka masala! This is a curry dish of roasted chicken chunks served in a creamy, spicy tomato sauce.

What motivates you to do this work? “We cook and serve people because it’s simply all we know and love. We enjoy working with the community, meeting new people and interacting with the farmers.”