Handmade – Diatta and Fujiko

diattaMarket Days: Sundays at Marina Market, Mondays in Pacific Grove

 Products: Hand made arts from Africa, Inscents  from India

 City Business Production is Conducted: Marina, CA

 People: Jenny and her husband Peter run the business.

 Business History: They travel to West Africa once a year looking for a way to support people in Senegal. 

 Sourcing: Senegal, West Africa, India

 What motivates you to do this work? Jenny and Peter love to help people out, by purchasing genuine products from Africa they are helping the communities prosper and grow.  It directly impacts the families because they can use the money to send their children to school.

 Personal Note:  Jenny and Peter appreciate people who support small business, when you support a small business you give them control over their lives. By supporting women’s business you give them the ability to put their children in school, this helps the whole community.