Handmade – Designs by Maret

Designs by MaretMarket Days: Sundays in Marina

 Products: Semi precious Jewelry for Woman, Men and Children

 City Business Production is Conducted: Marina, CA

 People: Martie Adams runs the business by herself.

 Business History: Martie has been running her business for the past eight years. She sells to friends, markets and boutiques.

 Sourcing: Martie shops with lapidaries and gets products from all over the world.  She has done internet sales while providing customers with many different types of Stones and Gems.

 What motivates you to do this work? Martie enjoys making people happy. Jewelry can make someone feel great.

 Personal Note: Custom work and bridal, Martie likes people to be imaginative when picking jewelry. If someone has a special piece of jewelry they like, she will design it so that it works for you. Switch out parts and make adjustments to any jewelry.