Handmade – Fringe Outerwear

Business: Fringe Outerwear

Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove

Products: Crocheted hats, arm warmers, and scarfy-like scarves 

City business production conducted:  Monterey, CA

People: Carrie McWithey has been crocheting since the 90’s. All her patterns are original and her own creations. Her all-time favorite style of hat, is the cloche, a flapper style hat with flowers and a brim, which you will see often at the market.

Business History: Started in 1999 as Hatgirl Hats, Carrie has sold her hats in Ashville, NC, Wisconsin, and Boulder, CO. Motivated by a hip craft fair, Carrie changed her product name to Fringe.

Sourcing: Carrie uses any type of soft yarn for her hats. She often knits with Alpaca, silk, merino, cashmere or wool. She is looking for anything that will be comfortable for the customer! She is not limited by these materials; Carrie can make anything out of anything!

Personal Note: “I like getting my hands on different fibers and textures and seeing what they want to be – a hat, a scarf…”

What motivates you to do this work? Nowadays, Carrie says Fringe is more about the job of creating something that goes directly to the customer and getting to see where her creations go.