Food – Josie’s Italian Sweets

Josie'sMarket Days:  Mondays at PG Market

Products:  Various cookies, cakes and tarts from different regions of Italy. Tiramisu, Apple Crostata,  Zabaglione Cheesecake, Baci Di Dama, Biscotti; Chocolate chip, Anise and almond. 

City Business production is Conducted:  Pacific Grove, CA

People:  Josephine La Sala runs the business with her mother, bringing cultural roots and real Italian flavors.

Business History: Josie wanted to bring true Italian treats to people. Coming from an Italian background of having both parents born in Italy, she wanted to share her passion of Italian desserts and the authentic way of making them for everyone.

Sourcing: They get their ingredients from local stores in town.

What motivates you to do this work? My mother and grandfather motivate me to do this and the fact that I want to bring true authentic Italian cookies, cakes, tarts that I grew up with and used to see when I went to visit Italy. My mother is my mentor and she is a wonderful baker, like my grandfather. I want to keep the tradition and culture alive.  Hopefully a few years from now I can open my own bakery and make my dream come true and dedicate it to my grandpa.