Food (Coffee) – Hidden Fortress Micro Farm

Hidden Fortress CoffeeBusiness name:  Hidden Fortress Micro Farm

Location of services:  Marina Certified Farmers’ Market, Casalgno’s  Family Farm Stand, High Ground Organics Farm Stand, Boulder Creek Farmers’ Market.

Products sold:  Roasted Coffee, Muffins, Jam, Eggs, and Vinegar

People involved with the business:  Amelia & Patrick Loftus

History of the business:  We are a new farm located in North Monterey County, California. We founded the farm in 2012 on the 3.5 acre parcel we purchased in the Spring of 2010. Our focus is to create sustainably grown artisanal foods that are delicious and highly nutritious. We work hard to promote locally produced food and small family farms. We are doing this because we believe it is essential for a secure and healthy future for our own family and yours. We are dedicated to non-chemical farming methods, and we never use artificial inputs. We plan to become certified organic once our business has grown large enough for us to handle the additional administration this requires.

Where do the materials/ingredients for your product came from:  Fresh Coffee beans are delivered from South America and Central America, and roasted on the farm.  The eggs came from free range chickens living on the family farm.

What motivates you to do this work: “The Hidden Fortress Micro Farm is a family business run by us, Amelia and Patrick Loftus. Since we are a brand new farm we do not have enough income yet to provide a living for both of us. I work the farm full time and take design classes part time, and Patrick works full time for a local manufacturer, while helping out on the farm part time. It is our dream to earn our full income from the farm someday… until then, we’ll both be working more than one gig to make ends meet!”