Food – Coastal Kettle Corn

Business: Coastal Kettle Corn

Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove and Fridays at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare.

Products:  Kettle Corn, the snack you can’t resist!

City Business Production is Conducted: Pacific Grove and Marina, CA.

People: You might find owner Jeff Powell at the booth working alongside extended family members and friends – like Rachel Bohrman and Taylor Smith – who help him out on various market days. It’s a team effort!

Business History: Inspired by a vendor at a farmers’ market in San Luis Obispo, Jeff took his kernel of an idea and began to plan for his own business. In 2008, the kernel popped and the family opened Coastal Kettle Corn. Now they attend festivals and rodeos as well as farmers’ markets around Monterey County.

Sourcing: The corn is mushroom popcorn from Nebraska – it has fewer wings and is more round. Other ingredients are oil, sugar, salt and a smile.

Personal Note: People love our popcorn!

What motivates you to do this work? Having fun while working with family members. At the same time, Jeff is making money to pay for his son’s tuition. In fact, the profits from Coastal Kettle Corn paid for a whole semester of his son’s tuition! With fee increases, more people better come out to get some more popcorn!


 To Contact: 831-535-2363